LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn is the world’s fastest growing professional network with over 238 million professionals; 3 million companies; 60K+ university alumni groups; Executives from all 500 Fortune 500 companies and an estimated 30 million students and recent graduates. If you are not engaging with employers on LinkedIn, you are missing out!

LinkedIn will allow you to:

  • Position yourself within the marketplace
  • Research, Review and Connect with professionals in your industry
  • Greatly increase your chances of being headhunted by a hiring manager and recruitment professionals
  • Identify the hidden job market through your professional contacts
  • Access to a database of jobs relevant for your interests
  • List all your relevant achievements in an easy to view space
  • Stay in touch with contacts and potential employers

We offer the following services:

  • LinkedIn Profile Writing Service
  • LinkedIn Coaching Service

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

This service includes a consultation to interview you about your employment history, career goals, aspirations and achievements. We then complete initial research into your competitors and write a full LinkedIn Profile tailored for you to a specific job and industry. We will also show you many of the hidden features of LinkedIn with proven results that will increase your profile rankings, gain key industry contacts and gain a competitive edge on your peers.

Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service also includes:

  • Keyword Optimisation Strategies to be visible to hiring managers
  • Tailored professionally written Career Profile to stand out from the crowd
  • Increased rankings on LinkedIn to be more visible and connect with both professionals and recruiters alike
  • Suggested Companies and Groups to engage with and to build more contacts
  • Further tips advice on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage

Costs for this service: $395